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10:55 am: It's spring break.wooo.yeah. Its been pretty cool so far. Thursday we were gonna go to some party dave was talking about but Craig wasnt really into it which was cool. Instead he took me to dinner at the food Shack and then we walked on the beach and it was all romantic. So then I went back to my house and stuck him in my window. His friend Jimmy called him and told us to come over so we snuck out and went over there for an hour or two. Those kids are the funniest people Ive ever met. I was just sitting there laughing the whole time. We left there and snuck back into my house and Craig slept over and we got to sleep in cuz both my parents were working friday. We woke up and i got up to cook him breakfast but it turns out we had no milk for me to make antyhting and no eggs and i made muffins from a mix and then we went to mcdonalds. He left and i went to the beach and it was so beautiful out. I got sunburned tho and that sucked. I dropped off the Taurus at accent sound around 230 ans the guy called me at 5 and told me hes having a problem with the CD player we were gonna put in so he fixed the other one and my dad got me a little system. woooo. imm such a baller.So i went to pick it up and they still werent done. so i waited around for like 2 hours while they were fixing it and then i drove it home and craig and mike picked me up and we met up with dave and people. We were walking into the woods where the little party was and then dave left for some reason. There were a bunch of kids i didnt know there and it was kinda gay but Jimmy and Will came and me and craig decided wed rather hang out with them so Craig took all his beer and we left. We sat out on this dock and chilled for a little while and then we left and craig drove me home and he listened to my new system!its so cool. Too bad i cant even drive it until like tuesday or wednesday. I love driving my moms convertable its so cute.

I babysat all day yesterday and went home and then craig picked me up and we saw Taking Lives which was awesome. We kinda got into a little argument but not really. But he of course made me feel better and kissed me and told me how much he loves me and it was all good and it was stupid. Today im going to lunch soon with my parents and then im gonna go to the gym. Me and Sara are hanging out tonight. Im not sure what were doing but i really miss her and i need to hang out with her tonight and have girltime. omg that sounds soo gay. Tomorrow me nnd my mom are going shopping in miami.yay! so exciting.

I wanna get really drunk.


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