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08:35 am: sleeping all day staying up all night
Spring break has been pretty cool. Not as good as it should be. its been really shitty out and thats making it hard to go to the beach.Ive hung out with Craig every night over Spring Break. Its crazy though because we never get sick of eachother. I went to Orlando on Thursday to look at UCF. I really liked it and its gonna be my first choice. It's so much better than being 6 hours away like in Talahassee. Ive been having a really good time because weve been hanging out with Jimmy and Will and people. Tuesday night me and sara met up with Nick and Dave and they got baked in me NEW CAR with its NEW SYSTEM hehe. We dropped them back off and went to my house where Craig picked me and sara up. then we went to Jimmy's house and somehow so many people were there. Craig smoked for the first time in forever and it was funny as shit. It was a fun night until i started feeling really sick and me and craig went in the other room to have quiet and then everyione ended up coming in there and it sucked cuz my head hurt so bad. So we left and dropped sara off and then Craig slept over and he of course made me feel better. So i got home from orlando yesterday and went over to see Craig. I missed him so much which is just insane cuz i was only gone for like 1 and a half days. Then i went home and showered and he picked me up and we went to Jimmy's to wait for him. We went to pick up will and then we chilled in the bacck and talked and stuff. Then Jimmy and Nick came home and then nick left. Craig says the nicest shit about me and i nev er know what to say. Ill be sitting there and hell say to will "look how beautiful my girlfriend is". Ive just never been treated this way before and im just so lucky to have such an amazing person in my life. When he kisses me I get a huge rush all over my body and it feels like we are the only to people alive.

I'm probably disgusting everyone who is reading this and im sorry but im just so happy. So a week from today I'm leaving to go to New York wooo. I am gonna miss 2 days of school and my brother is going too and am really excited about it.

Me and my dad are gonna have lunch at the Food Shack today and then im gonna go to the beach but it looks all cloudy out and im gonna be soo pissed. I have to go to the gym today damnit. Then me and Craig are going over Jimmys again. I could go over there every night those kids are so fun to chill with.

Last night of Spring Break! :(

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Date:March 28th, 2004 01:59 pm (UTC)


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