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07:55 pm: I love all of you
Everything is wonderful and happy. I got back from New York last night. We had such a good time. Friday my mom was gonna make me fo to school for half the day but i was like no way so i stayed home and Craig skipped and hung out with me all morning. And then i was so sad because we had to say good bye. So we went to the airport and flew into the city and met my brother there yay! the fro is just out of control. So we talked for a while while we were waiting for his lost luggage to come and he told me that hes smoking grits again and i wasnt suprised. but it just made me think about Craig and how i dont think he's gonna stop like he says every week. and i know how hard it is to quit. So we stayed at a hotel and stuff and then woke up and got dressed for the bat mitzvah. We went to the borning service and then we went to the party woo. I got shitfaced with my brother and parents and it was just too much fun. We went back to karens house to chill with people and we stayed there. I got to talk to craig for alittle while which was nice but it made me even sadder cuz it madde me miss him even more. So Sunday we got up and drove into the city. I love the way the ciry smells. polution and smoke. i dunno. so we met up with my dads best friend who lives there and karen took the train in. We walked asround and shopped and me and my brother were chillen with some rastas. We went to little italy for dinner and had some crazy good italian food. my cousin Katie who goes to NYU met us for dinner at thawt was cool. Then my other cousin Liza came too and it was sdo cool seeing everyone! so my mom went back to the hotel and me,liza, katie,my bro and my dad went to this club and listened to some good music and had some drinks. then we walked to the hotel at 3 AM in 10 degree weather and it was so painful. we got pizza at Rays and then went to the hotel and passed out. Monday monring we got up and met Liza on canal street and went fake designer purse shopping. Then we had to leave for our plane. it was sad to say bye to NY but it ws too cold there. and i missed craig so much.
School sucked I have so much makeup work.

I got a job! at my gym! yay. free membership.

so my birthday weekend, im going up to tallihgassee to stay with my brother and i think sara and craig are commin too. That will be lots and lot of fun.

i love being in love.

Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
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