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05:05 pm: I got a job..im so happy because im totally broke and I owe so much insurance. Im a hostess at Stadium Grill which will from what I here be a good time.
Homecoming was last weekend. I had a pretty good time for the 45 minutes that we stayed. Unfortionately the music sucked dick and all my friends wanted to go. So we went to the beach and smoked a blunt and then went to Bobby and Seb's party in Abacoa. We chilled there for a little while and had a few beers and then everyone came back snd stayed at my house in Stuart. We picked up 4 12 packs and chilled in the hot tub and had a good time.
The night before that me,Sara,Chris,and my bro went to Ana's party. the were so many fucking people there and it was craziness. And then shit started gfetting broken and she kicked everyone out.
Craig's mom leaves for Italy tomorrow! That is just gonna be so straight.

Bush won. not too much im gonna say about that except that its disgusting that wee live in a country that supports a man who has murdered thoussnds of innocent lives and lied to the entire couintry. I truely just want to do 4 years at USF and then go to graduate school in Vancouver and set up my practice there. thats my plan.
It looks like my brother and Craig are moving in together next fall. My brother is most likely going to Full Sail and Craig is already registered there. Interesting situation..not too sure how to feel about that.


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Date:November 3rd, 2004 07:43 pm (UTC)
yay! this weekend was fun! i had a great time with you guys!! we should do it again sometime!!!

xox amanda xox
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